Newly Installed

The Making of Capt. Parker

Susie installed her most recent public sculpture, Nathanael Greene, at the George Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge, PA.


  • Starts with the Head

  • Building the Armature

  • Bending the Armature

  • Gluing on the Foam

  • Reused Clay Kept Hot

  • Applying the Hot Clay

  • Working and Refining the Clay

  • Adding Wrinkles to the Statue

  • Capt. Parker Gets a Jacket

  • The Last of Capt. Parker in One Piece

  • The Hands Are Gone

  • Mold Making 101

  • Mixing the Rubber

  • First Coat of Rubber

  • Dissecting Capt. Parker

  • Last Day of Rubbering!

  • Plastering Capt. Parker

  • Capt. Parker Gets Hammered

  • Disassembling the Mold

  • De-molding the Rubber

  • Back to Clay

  • Susie at the Foundry

Making Johnny Mercer

  • How a Bronze is Made

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