Although many of my sculptures are created for sale to the general public through my studio, galleries and this web site, I also produce one-of-a-kind sculptures for collectors and art lovers. For hundreds of years artists have worked on a commission basis and the process has changed very little in that time.

The steps are simple. A customer comes to me and describes the subject they would like sculpted. We discuss the desired pose and size that they would like their sculpture cast. Because each piece is a unique artistic creation, a price (commission) is quoted in advance. Once the price is agreed upon and a deposit made, the work can begin.

In most cases, photographs and measurements are taken of the subject and the preliminary sculpting in oil-based clay is started. Over the weeks or months that the sculpting may take (depending on size, complexity and schedules), the subject may be brought back to the studio for more studies. When the clay sculpture is complete and approved by the client, a mold is produced and the sculpture is cast in bronze. When the casting and finishing stages are complete, the final payment is made by the customer and the sculpture is delivered.


Photos on this page: Top left - Dedication ceremony for my sculpture "The Little Reader" at the main branch of the Live Oak Public Libraries, Savannah. Upper Right - Bust dedication at the Islands YMCA on Wilmington Island, Savannah. Left - Working on the preliminary stages of a commission in my City Market studio.

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